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Techno Container Repair LLC

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What Makes Us Stand Out

The company has all facilities and equipment required for repair and maintenance of dry containers. Skilled workforce comprising welders, cutters, painters, etc ensure a quality job, while the presence of on site admin staff and qualified surveyors simplify things for our customers. All employees go through a training and refresher program every six months to ensure optimal efficiency. With daily online reporting facilities we keep customers informed on the status of delivery.

Who We Are

Established in the year 2017, Techno Container Repair L.L.C (TCR) is one of the first companies to have started Container Services and storage Facilities through professional & computerized systems in the United Arab Emirates. TCR is currently located opposite Jebel Ali Gate no:8 with a distance of 500 meters. Our Terminal is 4,50,000 sq ft and can store 12,000 TEUS at any point in time. We operate with a fully computerized system, where we can track container movements all the time and can provide all the necessary reports needed by our customers. We have 4 empty container handlers and 1 forklift.

Container Repair And Maintenance

Time bound and economical repair services

Container Storage

We have extensive space to keep your containers safe and sound

Container Trading

We buy and sell all types of new and used containers with csc certificate

Other Services

Apart from our key operation areas mentioned above, we also extend out services in the following sectors.

Container Modification

Our expert team is all abled to modify containers they way you want it

Transportation Services

Cheap and efficient transportation facilities within UAE

Container Inspection

Inspections are done systematically to ensure that everything works right.

Reefer PTI

We ensure that the inside of the container is ready in all respect to receive cargo.

Clip on Genset Rental

We are happy to provide rental services of high performance clip-on Gensets.

Container Washing

Tidy up your containers after long voyages and get them ready for new ones.

Over a decade of experience in container repair


As the saying goes, pictures do speak a lot, have a lot at the pictorial representations of our services and team.